Welcome to the Online Portfolio of Michael Dunne

All Dunne Artwork was started to create unique images by incorporating many original ideas and concepts, utilizing various artistic mediums and developing new innovative techniques in which to use them. 


" Only the work matters." When the artist is removed from the picture, only the work remains. It is the true enduring element of connection between the artist's concept or intent, to the viewer's understanding of that intent. All projects start off as a pragmatic experiment in visual problem solving. Many artistic disciplines are employed and infused to obtain the desired visual objective. Everything that can make a mark or alter a surface can be found in most of the work. Multi-layered glazing techniques generating areas of intense color or ink work that is quick, spontaneous and unforgiving are just a couple of many methods used.


The ideas and inspirations of the work range from just...visually engaging to whimsically philosophical to humoruosly dark and light themes. Why not involve your mind as well as your eyes? The attitude in completing the work is either focus and control or...expand and let go. Both yield results that are accomplished by experienced craftsmanship.

The abstract images are composed to square off with the viewer as to be quietly confrontational. This sets the stage for interaction from the images to which the viewer can relate.


The ink work found in Illustrations, incorporates more of an emotional approach to convey that the object is something other than to just be documented.


The photography represents lucky moments captured in time and images resulting in patient planning for a desired visual outcome.


Connection sought evolves into genuine communication resulting in the understanding of purpose. -Me


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