What I do is what I am. I create. I am a communicator. I try to contribute something. I hope that what I do is a benefit. I may be nobody in the long run but, what I leave behind is a testament to that we are all significant. We all have a purpose. We all have a desire to be more than what we are. Be that! Strive for that which makes you feel complete.
I was reflecting a little bit today about how I feel when I draw. I realized that I can do something that most don't do ( but can ) and wish they could. I truly believe we are all artists. Just find your medium! I can draw anything. This is not an arrogant statement, merely sharing my confidence in my ability to do what I love to do. I may not make a lot of money from this exclusive skill set yet, when I do...I am the richest man in the world. I see moments of perfection in myself from " doing it " and not so much the objective or task. When I draw...I am whole.

Hawkins House
Patience Pays Off
Grandma's House
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White Lab
Fellow Art Student
Grocery Girl
Bob's Place
Nestled In
Suzy's House
Nude In Slumber
The Julie B
Still Life
Seated Pose
Torso Study