About the artist.

I have been painting and drawing my whole life. Ask my Mom about all the times she had to wash off or paint over my crayon drawings on the hallway walls. Grade school was where I started to draw income for doing sketches and paintings for my classmates. Soon, I was the school artist for making images for flyers, T-shirts and mural work. Of course, in high school, I took every art class and all the photographic courses. My first paying job was as a photographer for the YMCA. I was 16. My first paying commission for a mural was for a schoolmate's bedroom wall, that came 6 months later. This is when I learned, I love to make BIG images. College furthered my desire and skills in making unique imagery. I continued lessons in painting, photography and printmaking. All my completed assignments were large scale. To maintain my income, I took a job as an illustrator for GDS, a real estate developement firm. I learned about production art very quickly which made it easy for me to accept a job a year later with Combs and Kell Advertising as an Art Director. In 1983, after the owners of the company decided to part ways, I decided to form All DUNNE Artwork.


The concept was to make the images I wanted with no limits on the creative process and final say on the completed project. Whether it be large scale painting, photo-manipulation or lino-block printmaking, I was making images in a way that made a positive impact on how others can see and understand art.

Me in front of my mural in the Boom Boom Room in Laguna Beach
Cassano's Pizza Mural
McDonald's Pico Mural